The Practical Science Of News Research


We believe that television stations are best served when they have objective market research to support their news operations. Many times, stations feel forced to use their news consultants to conduct market research, with poor results. We recommend that stations choose the best consultant, and leave the research to a company that does nothing else.

Doing News Research Right

· ·All sampling is tightly controlled to match market demographics

· ·Questions must be totally clear—even to respondents who are only occasional news viewers

· ·Analysis is done with no pre-conceived notions.

By using these rules, our news research samples match the ratings book, and our recommendations help the station improve its position. We have little interest in questions where the answer is “nice to know”. We concentrate on providing the data you need to get new viewers and keep the ones you have.

The Right Technique For Your Station’s Situation

We use a variety of techniques depending on the station’s situation.

· Dial research to improve viewer retention and reduce tuneout

· Telephone studies provide actionable data to understand why people choose the station they do, and how to target those available to switch stations.

· Focus groups can evaluate the impact of topical and image promotions, how your talent works together as a team and the tone of the newscast

Choose the best consultant and use Feldman Research Lab for high quality, actionable research

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Television News Research

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Making it make sense

Feldman Research Lab presentations are clear, graphic and pull no punches. You’ll know what we recommend you do, and why we say so.  We’ll also provide a realistic estimate of how much you can gain and lose from various decisions, so you can make the most informed choices.