Primary Research Services

Feldman Research Lab

Primary Research 

We are experts in both qualitative and quantitative research.  Rich Feldman has moderated hundreds of groups on almost every topic in the media and entertainment industries.  He is skilled with children, teens and adults and has used instantaneous response dials, conducted user interface tests and other group technologies.  And, Rich runs a fun group.

Our quantitative studies include everything from advertising  effectiveness to product development.  Whether a straight-forward telephone interview or complex computer assisted conjoint study, every project is custom designed to provide the answers our clients need.  We’re also happy to partner with other firms that have unique technologies that are appropriate for your project.

Probably the greatest benefit of using Feldman Research Lab for primary research is the consulting we include as part of the project. We won’t begin until we fully understand your business needs, and don’t complete a job until all the users of the data have learned everything they feel they need to know.