Most of the discussion between the P2P networks and content providers has centered around legal action.


Eventually, this rhetoric will change to become a meaningful dialog about how the content and distribution sides can work together to develop a new revenue source.  Imagine if the movie industry had been successful in its attempts to prevent the rental of videos.  They would have lost billions of dollars.


Rich Feldman is the research resource for the Direct Computing Industry Association – a new trade group working to help its members build profitable businesses based on the licensed sale of content.


Our current goals for DCIA research are to:


·  Understand the ways consumers use file sharing and traditional content distribution

· Test consumer acceptance of various scenarios for shifting downloading from unlicensed to licensed material

· Model behavior to determine the optimal product offerings and price points for different types of content.

· Develop marketing strategies to encourage users to act as our clients want them to.


If you have questions about our work in the P2P arena, please feel free to call or email. 

Lawsuits will never change consumer behavior.  Only by developing offers consumers want to buy will they be transformed into customers.  Feldman Research Lab’s studies help create compelling offers.

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