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We are not (just) an online

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We use online research when appropriate to meet our clients’ needs.


A few years ago, online research was sold as being “nearly free”.  And the quality made the studies nearly useless.  Now, online research has come of age and we include a number of online techniques in our arsenal of research tools.  Is our online research less expensive than traditional research?  Often it is.  But that’s not the point. We don’t generally recommend online because of price, we recommend it in situations in which it allows a different kind of relationship with respondents to provide better answers for our clients.


The online panel

Online panels provide the opportunity to develop a continuing dialog with your viewers, customers or target market.  Our panels often involve monthly surveys of viewers of particular television networks.  Depending on the way the panel will be used, we will recommend random recruiting or on air or online recruiting.  The panel allows us to track changes in behaviors and attitudes toward our clients and their competitors.  It allows us to efficiently sample pre screened sub-groups of interest.  These panels can even be used as a sales tool to give a network’s advertisers access to viewers.  As with all our research products, we partner with state of the art fieldwork and software firms to assure high quality data collection.


Online qualitative

Imagine a focus group conducted over the course of a week or month, with respondents checking in every day.  This is our primary model for online “focus groups”.  These focus groups can be shown any type of rich media we choose, as well as being exposed to real-world online and offline media.  This allows us to get valuable tactical findings to help clients optimize their programming and content.  It’s remarkable how willing respondents are to help when they think their opinions will improve the things they watch and do.


Site user research

We’ve partnered with Iperceptions to provide clients research on their site visitors.  Iperceptions maintains a normative database with results from hundreds of websites in dozens of industries.  We work with them to bring Feldman Research Lab’s expertise in questionnaire design and analysis to their state of the art interviews.  We’re able to produce actionable results that help position our web clients favorably versus their competitors.


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