There Are Only 2 Ways to Increase A Show’s Ratings


The harder one is to increase program sampling.  This requires promotion and off channel marketing.


The easier way is to stop airing things viewers don’t want to see. 


A typical segment-driven hour long program gets only about 16 minutes of viewing.  Every 90 seconds you increase the viewing duration raises the rating around 10%.  Every program we have tested can be improved by removing material that causes viewers to change the channel.


How Dials Help


We recruit target viewers of a program and ask them to watch the show while turning dials to rate what they see.  The client gets to watch the dial results in real time.  In addition to seeing the elements of the program that work well, we see things that don’t.  For example, the graph on the right shows the opening 2 minutes of two different news programs.  By airing an 8 second tease for something viewers don’t want to watch, the red line program drove the audience away.   Once they saw this, the producers of the show learned what they should run up front and what they can’t.  This and a number of other changes recommended by Feldman Research Lab have helped this client increase ratings about 20%.  Ask us for details.


Dials are the tool to use for any segment-driven program—news, sports, magazines, reality and infomercials.  In the hands of the skilled analysts at Feldman Research Lab, dial research results in tangible improvements to your programming.

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Dials—Making Good Programs Better

A typical segment-driven hour long show gets only about 16 minutes of viewing.  Every 90 seconds you increase viewing raises the rating 10%.

Feldman Research Lab

The program with the red line drove viewers away with an 8-second tease.  The blue line show kept the audience.